It's effective March 1st, but should theaters have to abide by it at all?

In a previous Facebook post, CineMagic Hollywood 12 announced that they were going to comply with a new "industry practice" which adds sales tax to ticket pricing. This means they will be "going from tax inclusive pricing to tax exclusive pricing."

Rochester Asphalt
Rochester Asphalt

Here's something most of us might not have known - CineMagic stated on the same Facebook post (while responding to a concerned customer), "Rochester has the highest ticket tax rate of any of our markets at 8.125%. This will be added to the current ticket price still leaving our pricing by far the lowest in the market. We will no longer absorb the ticket tax."

The prices at CineMagic are still lowest around. To be honest, I think it's good of them as a company, to be honest about their pricing. How many theaters would even make this information public?

This change certainly doesn't affect the movie-going experience, but large families might want to do some previous budget planning going forward.

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