While it’s no longer a surprise when it happens, Rochester made another national top 10 list. This time Rochester has been named one of Livability.com’s 2016 '10 Best Affordable Places to Live'. The medical city was third on the list.

The editors said that Rochester is an affordable city that people would actually want to live in.  It offers income equality, robust entertainment options, favorable economic conditions and ideal consumer spending.

The data for the list examined cost of living and how it compares to national averages for key components like: housing, transportation, food and utilities. The editors also looked for places with high livability, looking for a good balance of size, geography and types of cities. Livability.com also ranked Rochester number one on its 2016  'Top 100 Best Places to Live'.

Livability.com says Rochester is one of the best bargains in the country, saying most residents spend less than the national average on groceries and utilities and slightly more on health care and other purchases.  They pointed out that the real bargain is the high quality of life, amenities and things do to in Rochester, including excellent parks and recreational facilities, impressive restaurants and an expansive arts and culture scene.

  1. Huntsville, AL
  2. Bismarck, ND
  3. Rochester, MN
  4. Round Rock, TX
  5. Sioux Falls, SD
  6. Provo, UT
  7. Greeley, CO
  8. Cedar Rapids, IA
  9. Holland, MI
  10. Bloomington, IL

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