A fight at a Charity Cornhole Tournament was shut down the other day by one of the organizers. She got on the microphone and didn't just stop 'em from fighting, but she told 'em to git! GIT! We SO need her here in Rochester. Before I go any further, please, listen to her...

First off, I had no idea Bean Bag Tournaments were also called Cornhole Tournaments. Is that just a southern thing? Doesn't matter, Cornhole Tournaments it is. From now on and forever. I love saying it.

Excuse me, Bob, you going to the Cornhole Tournament? Hey Mary, Cornhole Tournament Sunday, you in? Boy that Cornhole Tournament wore me out...let's get some Dairy Queen,

Second, did you listen to her? She has THE voice we need to shut down nonsense in Rochester. Parents start getting too loud at a youth sporting event, and one "Cut the CRAP!" from Cornhole Tournament Lady and you know they would apologize and sit down, their hands in their lap.

Madonna comes to play at the Mayo Civic Center and she's over two hours later because she's in the dressing room reading? Bring in the Cornhole Tournament Lady and she says, "This is REDICULOUS!" and Madonna won't even know what to do, but run out on stage and do her job!

Please, Cornhole Tournament Lady, move to Rochester!

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