It's not a radical change, unless you think one letter is a big deal.

According to info from the city, the City of Rochester Parks & Recreation Department is seeking the Park Board approval to fix the name error of what is currently known as Cooke Park.

What kind of name error? A spelling error.

Local community member Ms. Sean Kettelkamp provided media articles and City of Rochester historical records that indicate Cooke Park was originally named John R. Cook Park.  Park Board minutes from October 13, 1949 confirm that the correct name is John R. Cook Park.

How'd it get messed up?  Back in 1967 someone added the "e" in the City of Rochester  "City Government" book and it just stuck. Which is too bad, because it sounds John R. Cook (moved to Rochester in 1856) was a pretty good dude for this city. His family donated part of the land the city used for the park,

The Park Board was expected to discuss it last night, but no word on how it turned out.

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