The city of Rochester sent out a press release today with a warning from the Rochester Police Department. The police department is reminding residents and visitors that last winter, from November 1st, 2018 to April 1st, 2019, approximately 60 vehicles were reported stolen in the city of Rochester. To protect your vehicle you're asked to never leave it unattended while it's running. RPD says, "most of the vehicles stolen during that time frame were left running while they were unattended."

Alex Lauderdale is a transportation analyst at and says auto theft rises by about 25% during the winter months. He explained why to “This occurs largely because winter nights are longer and darker, offering car thieves more time and cover to carry out large numbers of vehicle thefts. People are also more likely to leave their cars unattended on cold mornings while they let them warm up and defrost, offering thieves the perfect opportunity to strike.”

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