My neighbors are going to be so happy that we are finally getting to some yard work at our house.  We've got a few acres of land and with the latest rain, the weeds are basically taking over.  I almost gave up for the summer but decided we were going to weed, relandscape and make things beautiful again!  I wasn't expecting to find extra special treasures inside my mulch bags though.

I was quickly reminded - as I was covered in sweat - that I don't like to weed for hours in the 90+ degrees and so adding mulch would be a faster and a much more beautiful fix to the weed problem we've got going on.  :)

Off to the store I went and I found so many good things!  The garden area of a store is one of my happy places and my endorphins just start pumping as soon as I get close to all the pretty flowers and green.  It's not a good thing for me to go shopping at a store with plants.  

I managed taking home 20 bags of mulch and way too many perennials that still don't have a permanent home - but they look really nice as they sit next to my garage.

I bribed encouraged the family to help me with the mulch project and we starting slicing the bags and dumping them out all over the very weedy areas.  I saw something shiny though in my bag and was hoping that a snake or some odd creature wasn't going to fall out with all the wood chips.  My heart skipped a beat for a sec as I shouted with fear, "There is something in my bag that is not wood!".

I've got the pics on my Facebook page of what dumped out with the wood.  Click here to see it there.   I'd love to know what extra special items you've found in things you've purchased so feel free to add those stories in the comments on my page too!

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