Postal workers don't get enough love. Delivering mail isn't an easy job and mother-nature is making it even more difficult this winter. Props to the USPS for getting the job done! They say there are some simple things you can do to make their work a little easier. The USPS website asks you to:

  • – Clear a path or walkway to prevent possible slips and falls.
  • – Clear enough snow from curbside boxes for mail trucks to pull in, deliver the mail and pull out without having to back up.
  • – If your mailbox is attached to your house, please ensure your steps are as clear as possible.

A lot of Southeast Minnesota mailboxes are buried this winter. You should dig them out to allow easy access for your mail carrier. And, if you want to make it really easy for them to find the mailbox, you can get creative with some spray paint as these Rochester residents did.

Photo Credit: Tammy Westby
Photo Credit: Tammy Westby


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