I know, I know. I'm still full from Thanksgiving too, and totally not (or shall I say WAS not) thinking about comfort food. Erbert & Gerbert's just added a new comfort food sandwich to their menu. It sounds like the perfect sandwich to devour on a cold winter day in Minnesota. Move over grilled cheese, there's a new sandwich in town.

Erbert & Gerbert’s
Erbert & Gerbert’s

Mac & Cheese BBQ Brisket - Yowzers! According to the press release, the sandwich starts out with Mac & Cheese at the bottom and is layered with BBQ Brisket and topped with Citrus Chipotle BBQ sauce. Your choice of bread. I'll be right back - it's lunchtime!

Ok, I'm back. ;) Anyway, the Mac & Cheese BBQ Brisket sandwich is available this winter (until February 10th) only at participating locations. Don't worry, Rochester IS a participating location.

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