I've been going undercover lately and visiting restaurants in the Rochester, Minnesota area.  Yep...if you work in a restaurant, I've either already visited your spot or I'll probably be showing up soon.  I'm not looking for horrible service or going to bash the staff.  I'm there for another reason...and most of you have no idea what I look like or that I go by the name Jessica On The Radio. 


UNDERCOVER: Classic Rochester Restaurant's Unique Feature Might Startle You If You Aren't Ready

I was at a restaurant recently that has a very unique feature but here's the thing, you will ONLY know about this if you order a specific item on the menu.

UNDERCOVER LOCATION: Hollandberry Pannekoeken, 214 N Broadway Ave, Rochester, MN 55906. (Get directions to Hollandberry Pannekoeken here)


UNIQUE FEATURE:  If you order a pannekoeken, which is sortof like a pancake, the staff will bring it out to you singing pretty the word "pannekoeken" pretty loudly.  If you aren't prepared for it, it could startle you and I'd hate for you to spill your coffee when the singing starts.

I was curious why this was a thing at Hollandberry Pannekoeken and found the following info on their Facebook page:

Ever wonder why we run ‍our pannekoekens out to your table?
Our famous pannekoekens are oven baked, and puff up as they come out. We want you to get the full fresh pannekoeken experience, which is why we hustle to your table immediately from the kitchen before they flatten out!

What Rochester restaurant should I visit next?

I am looking for unique, interesting restaurants in the Rochester area.  If you know a place I should visit next, send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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