While some people can't wait for the pumpkin spiced (fill in the blank) are back in season, I'm someone who always looks forward to when all the candy for Halloween can return.

From Monster Mania Reese's Cups, to creepy eyeball bubble gum, your local Target stores will soon re-load their shelves with some exclusive Halloween tricks and treats.

These ghoulishly looking goodies will be a huge hit for any kids knocking on your door next month, but the good news is you don't have to wait that long to stock up because even though school has barely begun, you can begin to order these candies and more right now at Target.com.

Last year, people loved the Cookies & Scream M&Ms, and now you can look forward to a new line of Hyde & Eek! candy, cookies, and even edible slime. I think I'll pass on that last one, but still it all looks awesome!

Definitely looking forward to raiding my kid's Halloween stash again this year and picking out one or two of my favorites!

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