Whenever the temps drop below zero (even due to wind-chill), the Salvation Army warming centers open, but they sure do need volunteers!

Last year, the wind chill had to be at least -25 degrees. Now the rule is zero degrees, so the warming shelter'll be open far more this year than last. They figure about 100 volunteers would cover their needs.

You'd be working from 7 PM to 1 AM when the shelter is open, and while that's hard for some people, others love it and will rock it! If those hours don't work, there are plenty of other ways to help. Just scroll down!

If You Can't Do Late Hours Volunteering,  Please, Sign Up to Ring Bells!


You can take just a couple hours one day at one kettle, or get some friends together and take a whole day of ringing. With two you ringing per shift, the hours go fast, and you feel great after!

If you have a tight neighborhood association, post it on the neighborhood's Facebook page, then call around and fill up a day. After, one of the other homes could host a hot cocoa and movie celebration!

To sign up, click HERE (or the picture above). Then on the left side of the Salvation Army page, just tell 'em what date, what city, and where you'd like to ring.

Simple. In, out, no mussin' about.

What about music? Great! Christmas music on a boom-box, singing, a guitar, a harmonica...bring 'em and remember, little kids are super sweet and really get people to donate.

No pets tho, please.




The kids'll soon be off for a couple weeks, and games are a great way to have fun together.

Click HERE, or the picture, to see Five Great Games for Kids this Christmas!

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