Y-105FM and Foresight Bank are proud to celebrate a Cool Classroom that performed hands-on service for people often forgotten or ignored. 

First, the nomination...

Cool Classroom Entry Entry # 2941
School Name: Rochester STEM Academy
School Town: Rochester

Why is this classroom the coolest?

This classroom is the coolest because they eagerly show their love for the community. In the previous weeks, this classroom created care packages for the homeless, and they personally delivered these care packages to the Dorothy Day Hospitality House in Rochester, MN.

Also, this classroom started a fundraiser which raised over $750 dollars for Leukemia patients and research.

Zach Jones

These students are amazing!

The award comes with $50 from Foresight Bank, and their now in the running for $500 to use in their school if they're named the Cool Classroom of the Year!

Do you know a Cool Classroom? Please, tell us about 'em now!

If your nomination is selected, we'll call you. Then we'll line up a school visit so all of us can go and celebrate the classroom together!

2017-2018 Winners

In October, we honored the eighth graders of Byron Middle School for their work to bring awareness to cyberbullying. Congrats, Byron!

In November, we honored Stewartville's Bear Cave 4th Graders for adopting and fundraising a school damaged in Texas during Hurricane Harvey.

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