I had some awesome teachers back in the day, but none of them pulled something as cool as this guy. Can I go back to 5th grade? Specifically 5th grade at Bamber Valley in Mr. Rester's class! Seriously though, the time he took out his day (probably more like days) to make these and then put them in the lockers. I adore this. And to quote the students, "they are sick." Check it out! Their reaction at the end is priceless.

This isn't the first time that Mr. Rester has done something awesome for his class. He says every year he tries to do something special for the kids for a fun way to end the year. "Usually, the surprises have been smaller - pizza party and root beer floats. This year has started a new tradition though." He says one of the student's fathers owns a shirt company and helped him create the fun class shirts.

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