Micahel Jackson works at Trader Joe's. I've seen him there, always ready with a smile and help if I need it. By all accounts, he's one of those people you meet and instantly want to be friends with.

Micahel went in for a checkup...a normal checkup with a new primary care provider...and ended up in the emergency room at Mayo You can imagine the immediate fears and worries in that situation. What's the problem? Why is this happening...and what will it cost?

That last one, what will it cost, weighs heavy in 2018, and when they biopsy bone marrow, the fear intensifies. The diagnosis? Multiple myelomas. It is cancer. And now, on top of money, you have to figure out a way to keep positive, keep looking forward. We can help make sure money is NOT the thing he needs to think about now.

Please, check out his GoFundMe. If you can't donate, that's fine...please, just pass the info along. Let's help out our neighbor and our friend Michael Jackson.

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