Cookie dough lovers rejoice! Your mom isn't going to yell at you for eating all this cookie dough! Unless of course, it's her cup that you're eating...Coming soon, the first ever cookie dough station in Rochester. 

Dough Boys will celebrate their grand opening Monday, May 1st from 9am until 2:30p. They'll be parked on the corner of 2nd Ave and 3rd Street in Downtown Rochester (right behind Dooley's).

The owner, Cory will run Dough Boys with fellow Fillmore Central grad, and longtime friend, Carissa. Carissa tells me they've heard of successful cookie dough shops in places like New York City, and decided why not bring it to Rochester.

For every cup of cookie dough purchased $1 will be donated to a local charity.

Dough Boys on Facebook
Dough Boys on Facebook

Carissa says they'll start by introducing Rochester to the classic flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, and cookies and cream. But, we can expect to see other fun flavors in the near future, including a "low carb, low sugar option".

Prior to the grand opening, you can actually help Dough Boys name their flavors. Right now, they are allowing fans to suggest fun names for their products. Follow them on Facebook and tell them what you'd like to see by clicking here. 

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