To say that the last week has been a challenge is pretty much an understatement.  Everything from car accidents involving my kids to me almost needing to go to the E.R. due to an asthma attack.  When I came to work today at Townsquare Media in Rochester with my water, inhaler, peppermint oil, and cough drops, I was determined to get through the day with all of my tools to keep my lungs nice and open.  But, my day started with me almost bursting into tears just before I had to talk into a microphone.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

If you suffer from asthma, I understand.

How do I explain what asthma feels like?  I know it is a little different for everyone that suffers but the challenge is all the same...we are trying to fill our lungs up with air but for some reason, our lungs are throwing a temper tantrum.  Yesterday, it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest while tickling my throat with its tail, and then pressing on my chest even harder every time I moved.  If I decided to walk or talk at all, everything gets escalated even more.

There are 2 problems with my life and living with asthma.

  1. I work in radio and talking is sort of a big deal.
  2. I'm also a mom so when my body decides to throw a fit, it is tough to do but I have to make myself sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing.  This does not always go well when everything appears and expects food to magically appear.

The moment I almost burst into tears at work.

The microphone was going to be on in just a few minutes so I was getting everything ready, and today that meant keeping my cough away.  I popped a Hall's cough drop in my mouth and then looked down at the wrapper and the words I saw next were the most perfect thing ever, 'You've survived tougher.".

I had no idea that Hall's put quotes on their wrappers but at that moment in my week, those words couldn't have come at a better time.  If you are needing a smile, I went through the entire bag of cough drops that I had left and grabbed a few more sayings.

When You Are Having a Bad Day, Just Read These

Life isn't always perfect and we all are going to have bad days. On those days when you could use some cheering up, just look through these quotes that were found on some Hall's cough drops. They helped bring a smile to my face when I needed one and I'm sure there is one in the list that will do the same for you.

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