Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The 2015 version of Rochesterfest comes to an end Sunday and it appears its relocation has been accepted - if not welcomed - by many.  

That according to this year’s Rochesterfest chair, Brent Ackerman. He says most of the feedback he has received has been "very positive."

Brent Ackerman

 Ackerman says many of the attendees enjoyed the open space and grassy areas that the Soldiers Field Park site offered this year, especially those with children.  He says vendors and organizers noted an increase in the number of families that attended this year's festival. Ackerman says preliminary numbers indicate beer sales were much higher this year, during the week and the Saturday night concert.

As for the Friday night parade - “Feedback from the new parade route was also mostly positive. Huge crowds lined the new route.”  He notes the new route was just over 1 mile long (compared to the previous route which was 1.3 miles). He also says, “In past years many thought the parade was too long, so this year's parade was cut by about 25 units to shorten the length of time.”

Ackerman says much of the success this year was due to the “great partnerships we established with our Soldiers Field Park neighbors including the Historic SW Neighborhood Association, YMCA, Zumbro Lutheran Church and the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, which marked the 20th anniversary of its founding on Saturday. The veterans were pleased that Rochesterfest exposed more people to the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial throughout the week."

photo by Kim David/Townsquare Media

So what about next year? "Rochesterfest is looking forward to an even bigger and better year at Soldiers Field Park in 2016.!“

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