2nd Street Joe has been dancing and waving his flags for 17-years in Rochester. Our family loves seeing and honking at him when we pass by him near Saint Mary’s hospital. The local celebrity has also been known to make appearances at Rochester events like Thursdays Downtown, RochesterFest, and Social Ice.

His Facebook page explains his only goal is to make people smile. He’s very good at that. Wherever Joe goes he brings a ton of positivity. He is typically always in a good mood and his energy is contagious. You can’t help but grin when you see Joe bouncing around. Unfortunately, Joe recently had a prized possession stolen from him so he’s feeling pretty down at this time. An open letter detailing what happened was shared on social media – you can read it below.

This update was shared to Joe's Facebook page: 


We all know Joe is a very gentle, selfless soul. He would gladly give you the chair off his lawn...if you just ask nicely. That two-seater chair was given to him by his good friend Wild Bill. It came with most of his original flags as a set, is irreplaceable, and is special to him.

Joe is distraught. He worries he now has to keep his things on lockdown when he carries his message of joy up and down 2nd Street.

Please, let's keep Joe's little corner of heaven a safe place."

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Please contact the Rochester Police Department if you have any information that could help Joe get his chair back.

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