Last year, I wrote about a teacher that really impressed me. A teacher that goes above and beyond to show his students how much he cares. He had t-shirts made for every single student and hid them in their lockers. Their reactions were priceless. His name is Mr. Rester, and he's a 5th-grade teacher at Bamber Valley Elementary School.

This year, he's back. I may be biased, but I think this year's surprise was better than ever. ;) Not only did he have shirts made, and gave them an end-of-the-year pizza party, but he also surprised them with ME (Samm Adams)! He invited me to the class and even made me an honorary "Mr. Rester's MARVEL-ous Class" shirt.

It was super fun to hang out with the kiddos and see how much they appreciate Mr. Rester. He's clearly making a difference in these kids' lives. That is why I nominate him as Rochester's best elementary teacher.

Know a teacher that's going above and beyond? Tell us about them.


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