Making pie, eating oh my do I love pie! And tomorrow is National Pie Day. First, thank you to all the pie makers, we celebrate you (it might not sound like Thank You, but that's because our mouths are full of pie). Where's the best place to get pie in Rochester? Here's the top five (according to YELP), with my comments.

05 - Forager Brewing Co

  • Not traditional pie...Chicken Pot Pie. Also unspeakably good at KFC.

04 - Chester's Kitchen and Bar

  • The Banana Creme Pie, with caramel drizzle. The best in the world. Fight me.

03 - Porch and Cellar

  • Word on the street is the oatmeal ice cream and apple pie is a winning combo.

02 - Daube's Bakery

  • Duh. It's Daube's.

01 - Grandmas Kitchen

  • Love me some Grandmas cooking, and their baking is top notch. I'm partial to the apple (no ice cream for me, please), but the other pies are exceptional, too.

National Chains where you can get pie discounts? Kohl's cuts you a deal on pie supplies, 15% off when you buy $100 or more and Target'll give you $5 bucks off when you order home baking supplies online.

PS - I've never seen an apple pie like this...good? Bad? Why?

Homemade apple pie with cinnamon
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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