Which Rochester restaurant makes the best Mac and Cheese? There are two of them, vying closely for the top spot. 

This isn't a fancy pants mac and cheese contest. That stuff is all well and good. I'm talking about the real deal. The stuff you grew up on. Macaroni. And cheese. And right now, I know of only two restaurants making great mac and cheese.

One is Newt's and their super sexy Grilled Mac and Cheese Melt


Grilled Mac & Cheese Melt
This loaded, cheesy sandwich is made with grilled sourdough, creamy Mac & Cheese, American cheese, bacon and tomatoes. (SOURCE)


What makes the Newt's sandwich so good is the mac and cheese. Creamy (but not too creamy). Cheesy (but not too cheesy). And firm (but not too firm) pasta. See a video of its sexiness below.

The other great mac and cheese in Rochester is at HyVee's Marketplace Grill. I don't have a picture of it, but order the Mac and Cheese Burger. You. Will. Be in heaven.

If you know a restaurant with great mac and cheese, let me know!

Credit Jan Levinson @coolstoryjanis (click for link)
Credit Jan Levinson @coolstoryjanis (click for link)

What got me thinking about this whole mac and cheese thing was an argument on Twitter. Is this mac and cheese?

Someone brought mac with shredded cheese sprinkled on it to a pot-luck and people cried foul! That's not mac and cheese! I know it is, and prove it in my video below.

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