A little guy named Hunter Gifford lost something very important and needs everyone in the Rochester community to help!  Consider this the BIGGEST hide & seek game you have ever played...but instead of being tagged "it" or finding a person, we are helping find an item that Hunter needs to help him walk due to the side effects from his cancer treatments.

Hunter was being a kid, having fun at one of the last picnics of the year with his friends and teachers at Lincoln K-8 Elementary in Rochester.  The school gathers at Slatterly Park for a picnic every year so the kids can play and the rumor is that a lot of alumni show up to say "hello" too!

Slatterly Park - This is the spot where Hunter took off his rainbow and blue colored leg braces that he needs due to "foot drop" (a side effect from his cancer treatments).

He took them off just before lunch because they were hurting his legs. He put them in the pavilion across from the picnic tables. Unfortunately, he left them at the park and thorough searches have not found them. - posted by Arwen Gustafson on the Lincoln K-8 School Facebook page

The Rochester Park & Rec, Lincoln K-8 School staff and many family and friends have been on the hunt for Hunter's leg braces.  Their searches have come up empty but someone has to have seen his leg braces...and Hunter and his family would be extremely grateful if they were found!

The braces are very expensive and Hunter's mom shared with me, "Hunter had Botox injections to his legs in May so he could wear the leg braces. He will have to repeat the injections next year and get new leg braces if we can’t find them."  

What do the braces look like?  Here are links to similar images of what the braces look like - Rainbow Swirl Brace (click here) and Blue Swirl Brace (similar to the rainbow - just blue and white though.  You can see part of it in the picture with Hunter below or at this Facebook post).

Who to contact if you find them?  If you see these leg braces or know of any additional clues where they might be, please send me a message at jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com or to my Facebook page!  I'll connect you with the family.

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