You've missed so many days of work, your boss is ready to fire you. And for reasons you hate to explain to anyone, you have no day care today. The baby's other parent won't help, also for reasons you don't really want to talk about. So what do you do?

You remember a friend told you about Crisis Nursery. It's part of Family's First of Minnesota, and so you call. And even tho it's 4AM, you get the help you need, and you can go to work. Right now, tho, they need diapers. Scroll down to see how to help.

Little baby stand up on her feet
Victor Saboya Bengochea

Over and over again, Crisis Nursery helps people in situations they never thought they'd find themselves in. Or, as they say, "Most families who use Crisis Nursery are ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations."


And so, Friday from 7AM to 1PM, there's going to be a diaper drive to benefit Crisis Nursery. Think of how many diapers they go thru in a week! If you'd like to donate diapers, or cash, my friends on the committee have made it super easy.

This Friday morning, just do the drive thru drop off at Thrivent Financial - Rochester Group, 116 Elton Hills Lane, NW (just turn off Elton Hills Drive and drive between Bruegger's Bagals and Olmsted National Bank). They need all size diapers.

If you can't make it Friday from 7Am - 1PM, please, drop 'em off at Thrivent at the same address during this week..

FYI: If you are an Olmsted County resident with children birth through age twelve, call 507.287.2020 to access Crisis Nursery services.  After hours, please call 507.281.6248.

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