It’s sad news, but there is an upside. First, the sad news. If you’re a fan of Dick’s Sporting Goods, you’ll have to get used to shopping online!

According to the company, Dicks Sporting Goods, at the Shoppes on Maine, will close January 31st. No word on how many employees this actually hurts, but the word is they’ve all been offered jobs in other Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. That might not be too practical for most employees, as they have family here.

Is there an upside? Kinda. After so many stories about employees going to work only to find the doors locked, the business closed, and their jobs gone, Dick’s notified their employees of the impending closing. I don’t know thing one about DSG, but giving your employees a heads-up is the decent thing to do.

The store opened in 2007, which seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?

  • Caroline Yang
    Caroline Yang

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