Who remembers this show? Starship played in Rochester for Down By The Riverside and as much as I hate the thought of looking at really bad photos of myself, I decided to share it anyway. Here is one of myself and the dashing Tom Garrett on stage introducing Starship back in the day.

The reason I dug up this old photo is because I found something I'd consider pretty awesome, and it for sure is not the bad hair day I was having that day.  Back in 2010 Starship rocked out with Rochester in Mayo Park on a Sunday that turned into a pretty rainy day.  It was a great memory, despite the bad hair day, but I digress... I always seem to have those bad hair days when a thunderstrom is going on.  There must be a science to this.   Why did this not happen to Tom?  I'd love to know.  Anyways...  they played this song....  even tho... the show did get stopped (due to the storms...)

It was a fun night even if we all got hit with a pretty hardcore downpour.  Apparently, I was not the only one impressed.  The show even made wikipedia!

Thats right.  If you go to the 'WIKIPEDIA' Starship page what do you find?  A photo of this show.  This is the photo that is on that page to represent.  Am I a major nerd for thinking that is pretty cool?  I deserve that I suppose.