She donned fake glasses for the occasion to look more "credible", but we all know she's going to be a beast at this! About six days ago on Instagram, Dessa announced that she is releasing a book in September.

She explains that it's called My Own Devices and that pre-orders would be pretty helpful for her. So far, it seems like an autobiography with juicy stories from the road. Many of those stories (I'm sure) will mention Minnesota.

It's no secret that we love her talent! Dessa sells out regularly when she's in town. I also learned that 66 of my friends on Facebook (and some in real life!) are following her on social media too. We love that she's an original. Her Facebook bio explains, "Her résumé as a musician includes performances at Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, co-compositions for 100-voice choir, performances with the Minnesota Orchestra, and a top-200 entry on the Billboard charts for her album Parts of Speech."

In fact, she's reuniting with the orchestra this fall. She just released an album in February too. Don't say she isn't busy!

Will you check out Dessa's book?


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