The National Weather Service in LaCrosse issued a Winter Weather Advisory in effect from Monday at 6 AM 'til 6 PM. We could be getting 1-3 inches.

Updated Forecast: Monday's storm remains a tricky one, with the latest trends suggesting a slight southward shift to the heaviest expected snowfall. We'll continue to monitor this one closely for you into tonight, but regardless of exact snow amounts, be aware of hazardous travel in many areas on Monday, especially during the afternoon commute.

But there's zero certainty here. One comment and response is particularly important to see.


A roll of the dice, but better to be ready for it than not. Make sure of the usual things; boots, water, blankets, snacks in the car.

Remember, you can get updates on weather, road conditions, and all that other bad-weather info you need on our app!

PS - I've stopped asking people to slow down. Most don't seem to listen and are heck bent on getting stuck. So, please, drive SMART!

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