Heads up! You'll have a new place to enjoy a cold beer, good food and the game on the TV. A few years back, one of my favorite places to go was Beer Bellyz. Cold beer, great food and a great atmosphere. Well, it's coming back. Sort of. It's not going to be called Beer Bellyz. It's now, "The Freight Yard." And it looks like it's going to be my new favorite hang out.

I could only take a couple pictures. I don't want to give away what it's going to look like. You'll have to go there and check it out when it opens. Which I'm told won't be too long. Definitely before Christmas.

The Freight Yard will have everything you expect in a bar & grill. Of course, delicious food, including burgers, broasted chicken, pizza and cold beer and drinks. Plus, it'll be a great place to watch your favorite sports team. Yay sports team!

Again, I could only take a couple pictures but I think you're going to love the Freight Yard. See you there! You're buying the first beer.

The Freight Yard is located at 821 Civic Center Dr. NW in Rochester.