This is no joke. So few people know about it, it's practically a secret restaurant, hiding in plain sight. It's called Marrow and its inside Grand Rounds. It's only open a few days a week and only for dinner.

Getting there is an experience all on its own. You may have seen the sign that says Marrow when you walk into Grand Rounds and never noticed it. Well, notice it. Tell 'em you're eager to have dinner at Marrow and, if there's room (reservations are a good idea), you'll be escorted down the hall, around the corner into the kitchen, around another corner, and down some stairs.

Then you'll turn a couple more times, walk past a storage area for hops (they make beer upstairs), and one more turn and you're there.

Used with permission of Marrow.

The picture up top is the entertainment center. PIck a record and put it on. Not many tables, but that's OK because the chef is working solo in the kitchen with one server dedicated to the room. From their Facebook page...

Marrow is a chef driven project from the heart of people that love food, love creativity and love sharing it with the world. A 24 seat restaurant within a restaurant, Marrow was founded with a unique and authentic experience in mind.

What kind of food? French inspired. Here's the week of June 3rd menu (get the current menu on their Facebook page)...

Used with permission of Marrow
Used with permission of Marrow.

Tessa Leung, founder, and CEO of Grand Rounds Brewing Co. in Downtown Rochester and I had a conversation IN Marrow this past Saturday. Check it out HERE.

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