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It hasn't been this hot and humid for this long in Rochester in over two years!

If you like your summers hot and steamy, the weather here in southeast Minnesota has been cooperating since last week. And, it looks like our stretch of hot, humid weather will continue right through this week too.

That's the word, anyway, from the good folks over at the National Weather Service office in La Crosse, who posted a message on their Twitter page over the weekend about our streak of hot, humid weather.

Since 1872, we’ve experienced a string of 7 or more 90º+ days in a row at least 32 times! The last was Aug 8-15, 2018. The current forecast has highs near 90 through week!

Another week with high temperatures in the 90s certainly qualify as 'hot,' right? Now because I'm a weather geek, I always look at the dew point in addition to the high temperature to see how uncomfortable it's going to feel. When the dew point is in the 40s, it feels nice and dry outside. You start to notice the humidity when the dew point is in the mid-50s; when it hits the 60s, it feels really humid. And if the dew point is is the 70s, it feels downright tropical outside.

So, yeah, it's going to be hot. And sticky. Those dew points-- which is a measure of how humid it feels outside-- have been in the 60s throughout last week, and they're expected to continue with that trend this week too. With a few 70-degree dew point readings tossed in.

Ken Barlow, a meteorologist at KSTP-TV in the Twin Cities, noted that we normally see 14 days with high temperatures in the 90's between June and August in Minnesota (a total we just might set this week.) 
But it wasn't the case last year, though. Back in 2019, we only saw 4 90-degree days the entire summer-- with NONE in August at all!

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