Thanks to this lovely crew, in my opinion, the worst parking lot in Rochester will no longer be pothole central! 

And the best part? It sounds like those car-swallowing speed bumps that have been such a huge pain will be gone forever. I can finally drive through the lot without my car bottoming out! Thank you to the Johnson team at Rochester Asphalt.

Some people's comments on Facebook when they discovered the lot was getting some much-needed improvements included:

Chris: "Thankfully they finally chose to fix this lot... It's like dodging land mines driving through it..."

Mindy: "Worst parking lot in Rochester! I bet people are loving you guys." (Yes Mindy, we most definatelly are!)

Lana: "Thank God! Just getting rid of the old asphalt and leaving it dirt would be an improvement!"

What do you think of the repaving of this horrible parking lot? Are you as happy as I am?