Can you make sure you're baby won't grow up into a picky eater? This researcher says yes!

First, and foremost, I'm talking picky eaters in the traditional sense, not people that MUST be careful in their dietary habits. That's a whole different thing many of us must deal with every day. And yes, I'm one of them. It's not picky eating, it's a life or death situation.


In more general terms, tho, you may have more influence over a picky eater than you know. According to this article from MACLEANS, how you eat can make a huge difference.

For example, if you're pregnant and eating beets, your baby is experiencing and getting used to beets. Lasagna, mac and cheese, asparagus, and cheesecake, too. And, it seems, it can happen while you're breastfeeding, too.

Research that Wilson cites found that babies from about four to seven months old experience “a window when humans are extraordinarily receptive to flavour.” But many parents miss it due to exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding....Simply exposing babies to small tastes of vegetables very early on sets them up to be receptive to a wider variety of flavours over time, and results in them liking more foods.

The author says that kids are way more sensitive to tastes than we are, so they may reject beets, or spinach, or Brussels Sprouts early on, but remember to try it again later instead of crossing it off.


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