"I'm just of doing the gathering, sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting away. That's all." That's my friend Katie. "How do other moms do it???" Then it came..."You should ask on the show!" So I did. And on Facebook. Here's what Rochester said.

THE NO PLAN PLANS...because only they know how to do it right.

Ryan McVay

Bailey Peterson I wash and fold, and the man knows to put his clothes in the hamper otherwise it goes in the trash. (James says: I would have no clothes.)

Jay Marking I do it all. Hubby doesn’t roll the socks, rotate the clothes as it is being put away or fold the towels the right way. 😂

Wendy Ziebell Kauffmann I do it all because I am picky.

Paul T Shea I generally handle those duties, but I don't fold towels 'correctly' 😁

Noemi Abrego Herrera 🙋 I do. For boyfriend, mother and myself. Then it's folded perfectly.

Y-105FM Heh heh...perfectly. I'm assuming that means you are VERY SERIOUS about folding, like me. Did you work retail? That's where I got it. (James)
Noemi Abrego Herrera Y-105FM no I did not James. I have always been a SERIOUS folder lol!

Elyse Buck Me. I'm particular 😉 Husband gets dishes instead.


Michelle Cox I do mine and the kid's...hubby does his own.

GabeAndrea Watson My oldest four at home do their own. I wash, dry and fold the rest (mine, hubby's and the younger 5). The kids haul it up and down the stairs though...and they put it all away.

Lee Bjorklund Split. My oldest and I wash and dry. Younger twins are responsible for sorting. They put their own clothes away. Wife puts ours away. Great system.

Tara Kluth Kids do their own once they are 12. I do mine, my husband's and our 11-year-old's. Everyone puts away their own.

Y-105FM I love the final step. One less thing to do. (James)
Tara Kluth Y-105FM We don't allow no lazy babies at my house! ;)

The ones that have everyone involved are my favorites, mostly because I had to teach some roommates how to do laundry.  When kids leave the house there are some things they should know, laundry is one of 'em. Another is basic cooking. And how to sit down on the terlet for EVERYTHING.

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