I'm always scoping out thrift shops for awesome deals. This time, I found the coolest set of coffee cups for guests in the studio, and you will NOT believe how little I paid!

It started when I was all sick and dying from the bad kidneys. I had to scrimp and pinch and do everything I could to pay my regular and medical bills. Then, after the transplant,  I had to pay off so much debt, I just kept being Mr Thrift Shop Guy.

Let's check out this weeks awesome find.

I was at Savers (a little higher end than I usually go) and found something I'm always looking for. Coffee cups for guests in the studio. They almost never drink an entire cup of coffee, so a full mug or cup is a waste of space. Plus hard to keep from getting dusty.



A stack of espresso cups.

Neat, tidy, easy to cover with a towel to hide from dust, and? And small enough for a few sips of coffee, which is usually all anyone has time for. If they need more, refill.

Then I take the dirty ones home, put 'em thru the dishwasher, and bring 'em back.

How much did I pay?


Seriously...that's a good deal! Click the video above to see a cup in action!

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