The Rochester Police Department has identified the man whose body was found in the Zumbro River near the 3rd avenue bridge on Tuesday as 60 year old Walter Bray.  A spokesman says he had a Minneapolis address but was believed to be homeless. He apparently arrived in Rochester with a friend September 2nd.

An autopsy found drowning contributed to his death and that he had been dead for a day or two. There were no signs of physical trauma or foul play. Police say toxicology results are expected in a few weeks and they should help determine if alcohol was involved.

Family members in the Twin Cities described him as an alcoholic who had been staying at homeless shelters.


The Rochester Police Department is seeking the public’s help in further investigating the death and the whereabouts of  Bray in the days leading up to his death. If the public saw

photo from Rochester Police Dept

 Bray, or anything suspicious in the area of where the body was found they are encouraged to call the Rochester Police Department at 328-6800, or they can call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.