The RT Autism Awareness Foundation Gala was an absolute blast! Only one thing was missing, but it had nothing to do with the event, and I'll get to it in a minute. First though, wow! To the organizers, outstanding job! Scroll down if you want to check out the pictures. 

Tracy and James post boot removal.

Tracy McCray and I were part of the MC team for the gala. Rod Johnson, from the Timberwolves, was the main MC so Tracy and I didn't have to do our dog and pony show until dinner, and so got to wander around chatting, bidding, and generally being silly.

What was missing? The answer. Tracy said the brunette was flirting with me. Was she? Or was she eating peanut butter? Tracy says yes, I say...well, I never know, so probably not. I never know, though. The plus of this is I think I'll have to do a Missed Connections post. I'm not looking for a girlfriend, I have an amazing woman in my life. I just wanna know if Tracy's right. (and I've always wanted to post something in Missed Connections.)

Finally... the music? Wow! The Andrew Walesch Orchestra was tight! They didn't just play tribute tunes to Sinatra, but when they did, man, was that band ON! And Debbie Duncan? Out of this world. I don't have any video of her singing Saturday night, but here's a video of her singing a song you may remember from Michael, the John Travolta movie (with a fine trio).

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported the RTAAF. They raise awareness, and support local families and individuals with autism.

I didn't get a lot of pictures... I admit, I got caught up in all the excitement of the night!