What's it like to run the 5k? Well, last year Desiree ran a virtual course on the air...see Adele run it here!

You'll literally run over big inflatable obstacles and laugh he whole time!

The pre-creation was shot last year when Adele came to visit. She had a blast and says everyone should run at the Insane Inflatables 5k is coming up Saturday at the Rochester International Airport! It is HUGE fun where you run over giant inflatable obstacles. Curious what it looks like?

When you register, please, save some money. Use my discount code: RABE10, or MCCRAY10, or BERG10. 

If you're just registering you, cooll. Register, enter the discount code, but if you're doing a whole team, register 'em one at a time using the discount code, otherwise you'll only get $10 off the whole team. Pass this info on to your team if they're registering solo.

See you there!



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