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I know.  I was completely unaware that this massive ship would soon be sailing on our waters.  But, the morning rain throughout Southeast Minnesota helped make it possible for our newest ship to set sail and lucky for all of us, it was caught on video by Preston Liquor in Preston, Minnesota.

If you see it on its journey, please, take a photo or video and send it to me on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Ok, obviously this is all just in fun, but Preston Liquor, thank you for bringing us some smiles on this rainy day.  We all have been stuck inside a bit too long due to the pandemic and are looking for something fun to do or entertain us that we can do safely.  I appreciate you going live on your Facebook page and giving us that moment today (and walking through those puddles too...that shows dedication!).

If you missed it, there are a few other funny videos out there that you might want to take a look at that will bring you some smiles, especially if you are a mom.  Shanny Pants is hilarious and you can see three of her videos that are my favorites here. 

Hmmm...wonder what video I might find next that is pure fun and entertaining during COVID-19?  If you know of one, do me a solid and send it my way!  Facebook, Instagram, e-mail...there are so many ways to find me.

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