How about some good news? Recently the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group and Santa teamed up to make sure that a local girl had a merry Christmas before heading off to Rochester for chemotherapy.

In a post that was shared on the page by Cheri Krejci, a young girl along with her brother and sister were visited by Santa yesterday to ensure that there would be a merry Christmas for all.

The young girl was concerned that Santa wouldn't know where to find her or her family if they were going to be with her in Rochester, rather than at their home for Christmas. Well, it certainly appears that Santa knows all, and wanted to ensure he could personally wish her a Merry Christmas as well as spread some holiday cheer.

The Blooming Prairie Cancer Group raises funds all year long through a variety of fundraisers, the last fundraiser, turkey bingo was canceled due to COVID-19. If you would like to make a donation to the group, you can do that here.

According to another post on the group's page, this year the group was able to;

"Give out $1680.00 worth of parking passes, $4600.00 in fuel cards, and $14,963.51 was used for helping people with utility bills and other expenses! Being able to help a little while people are fighting for their lives is the least we can do and because of YOUR support we did just that!! Because of YOU we are able to donate $20,000 towards the Eagles Cancer Telethon and $5,000 towards the Hormel Institute!" - Blooming Prairie Cancer Group

In a year where there was certainly a LOT of negative news, it's great to share some positive news.

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