In honor of National Poetry Day, I'm reading my favorite Shel Silverstein poem. It's all about a young girl that will NOT take the garbage out.

Kindergarten teacher reading to children
Catherine Yeulet

If you've ever read to a classroom, you know there are two things to read that will absolutely KILL. Any story with the word underpants and any Shel Silverstein.

I can't explain why underpants is SO funny, it's just one of those things. Say underwear and you may get a chuckle or two. But when you say underpants, the room is likely to explode in childhood giggles and laughter.

That doesn't happen with Shel Silverstein, tho. When I read anything by him, I get kids leaning in to hear every word, to catch the syllables, the way they work together to be silly and tell a story all at once.

With Shel Silverstein, the words are fun, the sounds are fun, and now and then, there's a super serious message in the poem. But, not with Sarah. Sarah loved to do all kinda of chores, but not the garbage. Too bad the parents couldn't get past this tiny fault, and kept laying it on her shoulders.

Anyway...did you know Shel Silverstein wrote adult songs? It's true!

Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout is by Shel Silverstein and is taken from the book, "Where the Sidewalk Ends."

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