Some days, there's a bunch of stuff that I can't fit in the show. Today, just a few, like how you may never get to have M and M's again, the Grammy's are poop heads, and the EMT's that like fast food more than life itself.

I won't go into detail, since you  can watch the video, but on the Grammy's, it really does bug me that they have almost no love for small, independent performers. Like the Oscars, the Grammy's isn't really about celebrating music, it's just about marketing music in a different way.

Record company executives started the Grammy Awards back in the late 1950's and it is an industry thing. I don't like any awards show, really, so maybe it's not fair to heap 'em with an attack, since it couldn't possibly be what I think it should be. If it was really about music, you'd have to include all music, and that's just too big a field to consider.

And the reason I love music. It's big, it's small, and it' s plentiful.