If you were involved, you'd be shaken up too. Yesterday, I was sad to see (after browsing Twitter) that someone in Rochester could've seriously been hurt while they were out on a bike ride. He tweeted a warning for other riders that I felt was worth sharing.

Thankfully, Marty is safe. This begs the question; Is Broadway safe for bicyclists?

My personal opinion: it's not horrendous, but it could certainly be safer. Rochester is a haven for bikers, and I think we could do well to consider some sort of guardrail on bike lanes to protect them. As for crosswalks, well... we could all do better at being courteous toward others we're sharing the road with.

There are reminders for bicyclists on how to share the road. Drivers and bikers, maybe it'd help to take this quiz as a refresher.

Let's all do better.


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