Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man who has a history of driving a car without a license was caught again Sunday night and he is facing more problems because he also had some illegal drugs.

Police say a patrol officer who knows 36-year-old Michael Common pulled him over after spotting him behind the wheel of a car. Common had been caught driving without a license seven times since early May. When Common began complaining of stomach pain, the officer took him to the St Marys ER because he also has a history of drug use.

Michael Common- Olmsted County ADC photo
Michael Common- Olmsted County ADC photo

The officer was still there when Common began struggling with the ER staff and he came to their assistance. He saw Common trying to put something in his mouth and noticed it was a plastic bag with a white powder inside.

When the two began struggling, the bag ripped open and some of the powder became airborne. That's when the officer used his taser on Common. He found the bag contained 47 grams of meth and nearly 30 grams of crack cocaine.

The ER staff told the officer Common had removed the bag from his rectum shortly after he arrived and that’s when the struggle began.

The officer and ER workers were not affected by the airborne drugs.


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