Don was the name of our school bus driver. He was a nice but kinda rough-talking guy we all liked a lot. He had a daughter named Dawn. As a kid, I imagined all his kids had names that started with J. No idea if it was true, but that's the kind of thing I remember about Don.

This kid, tho...this kid has a great story to tell about the time his bus driver They pulled over for a drop-off, the arms were out, the flashers were on, and boom! Just as the doors opened, a car raced by, but luckily, the fast thinking and acting driver pulled the kid back in.

According to 6ABC in New York

Bus driver Samantha Call is being called a hero by the school district and police for grabbing the boy, and telling him to wait.

If you're wondering why the student is let off into traffic, quite a few of the Twitter replies say it's in a rural part of New York and the driver passed on the shoulder!

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