Yesterday, the boss ordered sammiches from Jimmy Johns and we gobbled 'em up without noticing the mayonnaise and mustard packs in the big box o'stuff. And we should have, because we would have danced from sheer joy!

Now, I know most people may not make an outward fuss about something as simple as wee packets of mayo, but I think all of us would make all sorts of happy dances in our head. These new ones have been around, sure, but I've not used 'em.


And I'm going to be so bold as to say...make 'em all like these tubes! The old school packets have been around forever, and they've never offered much more than an easy way to mess up your fingers.

These li'l beauties, though, they're amazing. I tear the end and the mayo goes where I direct it. Not on my fingers, not on the floor, one the sammich!

I'd like these at concession stands, too, please. Those giant pumps of ketchup and mustard don't bug me, but I don't use 'em (too hard to be sure how much'll come out, what pressure to use, and when to stop). Have you seen the big mayonnaise pump?  What keeps the mayo cold? Why doesn't it go bad? How fast does bacteria make it up into the tub o'yo from some kid's filthy hands touching the spout?

So many questions that no longer need an answer thanks to the wee mayo tubes!

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