We've got a pretty great day going, don't you think?  Let's look at the evidence; it's a Friday AND we started the day with some sunshine.  But what is the ONE thing that could kick your happiness level up a notch?


And I'm not talking about time spent walking around your home in the nude when you're home alone.  I'm talking about nudity in the company of other nudies!  According to a story on The U.K. website The Mirror, scientists have discovered that being naked around other people makes you more satisfied with your body and THAT makes you happier overall.

The researchers say "Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction."  I couldn't agree more!

Honestly, I have never considered going to a nudist colony, but now I'm not so sure.  At the very least, I've got a topic to think about all weekend long.

Would YOU be willing to go naked if it made you happier?



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