Remember life back when you were super little?  Life was fun as we played outside all day and never had to worry about any bills...because you were a kid.  :)  Those were good times, right!?!

Legos, G.I. Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, and Cabbage Patch Dolls were our life back in the 80's.  But, something was missing in my room.  I really wanted a play kitchen where I could imagine making amazing fake meals just like my friend in her play kitchen.

If you've got kids and their playroom is missing an adorable play kitchen, a bunch of organizations have teamed up to make your child's playroom wish come true!

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Check Out The Adorable Playrooms That Southeast Minnesota Area Businesses Built To Help the Jeremiah Program

The last few months, many individuals have been hard at work building, from scratch, adorable play kitchens for a great cause, The Jeremiah Program in Rochester.

Townsquare Media was just one of many companies that teamed up with area builders to craft an adorable creation that kids will love.  Below are a few pics of the play kitchen that was built by Master Builders.

John Lindall, Owner of Master Builders
John Lindall, Owner of Master Builders
John Lindall, Owner of Master Builders
Almost done!  - John Lindall, Owner of Master Builders

The finished project...check it out below!

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Townsquare Media cares and knows the amazing work that happens at the Jeremiah Program in town.  This nonprofit partners with single moms and their kids right here in Rochester to disrupt poverty, two generations at a time.

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Score One Of These Amazing Play Kitchens and Help Out the Jeremiah Program!

The play kitchen our company helped create isn't the only one available though.  A bunch of organizations got together to help make play areas the best ever and help out an amazing organization.  Look through all of them below but, if you'd love to bring one of these home, stop by the Rochester Area Builder's Home Show at the Mayo Civic Center on February 2nd, 3rd, or 4th and get a raffle ticket.










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