I'm on the search for the guy that did such as simple gesture...but to our family in that moment, it meant the world.  I wrote a letter to him in hopes that he will see this.

The backstory (and my real life the last two weeks):  Hubby in the hospital for ten days, chest tubes, four concerts/productions for the kiddos (two on the same night - different sides of town)...dog, three chickens and a house that was not even close to being clean.  I almost forgot...it was also Christmas.  I realized I had 30 minutes to shop without children on Saturday, December 23rd.

Somehow I managed to make Christmas happen.  I searched and found a fresh turkey and made my favorite recipe, created some healthier versions of the classics and even surprised the kiddos with gingerbread house kits.  Christmas morning was a success as I had coffee, stayed in my pj's all day and just enjoyed our family being together again.

My gift from my hubby was a family outing to see the movie "Wonder".  He was a bit tied up and the Christmas gifts really didn't matter as much this year.  This movie though...was something important to me and he knew it.

I knew that going to the movies would be a challenge for my hubby.  He looks like he is ok but his lungs had just been through quite the ordeal and his exhaustion level was pretty high.  Honestly, the goal was to just get to our seats.  In my mind, I knew this meant that he couldn't hold the doors for us or anyone else, and we may need to sit and rest for a bit on the way to the theatre where the movie was playing.

A stranger helped make our night a little bit easier on Tuesday, December 26th around 6:40pm.  I didn't catch his name and am not even sure he heard me say "thank you". I know that someone reading this could be his friend though, his wife...and this letter could find him:

"To the man that held the door for my family at Chateau Theatre in Rochester, Minnesota on Tuesday, December 26th around 6:40pm,


You don't know us but I am forever grateful for your kindness.  You held the door for my family and although it might seem like a small gesture, it meant the world to us.

The kindness you showed in that brief moment made our outing a little bit easier.


I knew it would be a challenge just to get to our seats that night at the movie theatre because that was the most walking my husband has done for about 2 weeks. He just got out of the hospital on Christmas Eve and going to the movies that day as a family was his gift to me.  


Your kindness was appreciated and we will be sure to hold the door for the next person we see."

Our lives are full of simple moments that truly are huge moments for others.  I may never meet the man that provided this simple act of kindness to us but I will continue to share his message of kindness with the actions I do each day...because you never know who just might need a smile or a door held open.

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