The NEW Y-105FM / Hiawatha Homes Rochesterfest Parade entry was, hands down, the most fun I've ever had in a parade. You gotta see Summertime Santa in the video!

As a radio dude, I've been in a bazillion parades (not an estimate). Super long ones, super short ones (the Christmas Lights Parade in Fargo? Super short and beautiful), and ones where I think the sun gave me 234th degree burns (I'm lookin' at you, Idaho!).

The Rochesterfest Parade is probably the one I've been in the most, and I have to say much love to Brent Ackerman (the guy running Rochesterfest) and his board and committees for their great work this year. The move to Saturday was, in my opinion, genius.

One of those things (like the Soldier's Field move) we shoulda thought about years ago!

Anyway...sure, it started raining toward the end, and for me, the guy sticking out through the roof of the NEW Y-105FM vehicle sunroof, holding an electrical device, that might look like trouble. felt great after the parade.

Hiawatha Homes (the Festive Mixology and Festival of Trees people) were kind enough to let us join them. They're all about Christmas trees and we're all about Christmas music. A match made in Christmas heaven!

Plus, Teresa, Crystal, and Meghan  did all the work. They decorated the boat, got Sana and Mrs Clause down here from the North Pole, blew up the palm tree and beach balls (not knowing there was a compressor...heh heh), and did everything else that made it all flow so smoothly!

As usual, they're wonderful partners providing quality support services to people with disabilities at home and in their community since 1976.

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