It seems like everyone these days has one these toys. They're the hottest thing of the year, possibly literally? Heads up, a family is warning everyone to be careful after their fidget spinner burst into flames. 

Apparently there are fidget spinners with BlueTooth technology that require a charge. One family is saying they're a fire hazard.

An Alabama woman says her son was charging his spinner when it exploded! "We were about five or 10 minutes from leaving the house for the day. He noticed it burst into flames and he started screaming. I was downstairs and all I heard was, 'fire, fire.' The fidget spinner wasn't smoking, it was in flames," she said. This according to an interview with Fox 10 News. 

This isn't the first time there has been a warning out about the fidget spinners. Last week, the consumer watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm listed fidget spinners as a dangerous toy and a hazard for kids.

My stepson has several (not the BlueTooth ones), but he loves them - takes them with him everywhere we go. It totally reminds me of back in the day, the way I was with my Yo-Yo.

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